Our Mind Is Pure Energy

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It took me a lot of years to realize that an infinite number of parallel realities being played out concurrently alongside our own reality.

Know that if you desire to make a change in your lives whether it is a small change or a very large one, the reality in which you have accomplished your desired outcome already exists!

So all you have to do is align with that version of reality in which you have attained your goals.

You are creator beings and as you begin to consciously partake in creating your reality, the experiences which you can have are limitless.

Remember that everything is energy, and everything resonates at a specific frequency. You must be vibrating at a similar frequency in order to align with that experience.

It’s just like your radio, you must tune into the right frequency to hear your desired music station.

You cannot experience anything that you do not have a similar vibration to; if you do not want to continue experiencing a particular circumstance in your reality, then it’s time to “change the channel”.

We can’t change fate, but we can change destiny by how we think day in and day out. Our mind is energy. We’ll receive whatever we give out. So it’s important to keep our mind healthy so we stay healthy as well.

We all need to use our mind wisely.

Fear is an ILLUSION, love is REAL.
Universe is LOVE.
Open your eyes and open your mind.
Keep your frequency high so you’ll attract good things in life.

We’re here to experience life and grow more spiritually.



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